Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monotone VSC

Monotone is distributed VCS with many interesting features. I use it for my projects daily.

Currently I use Monotone VCS to manage my projects. I have created monotone database where I keep my soc-project sources/history. This database is available at 
mtn:// If you don't have monotone installed but you want to see my 
sources/history I have installed viewmtn for this purpose. viewmtn is available at 

Because I use Monotone to manage my sources and not CVS I had to find way how 
to push sources from monotone directly to sf netbsd-soc CVS repository. Solution for 
this is net.venge.monotone.cvssync branch in monotone repository.  With monotone from this branch I can push, sync, takeover CVS repository. 

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